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General Support and Frequently Asked Questions


Where is my order?

Once the orders have been dispatched they should arrive in 1-5 working days.  However we do allow for up to 5 working days.  Some of the larger items have a slightly long delivery time but this will be confirmed at time of order. 


Who are our main couriers?

Our main couriers – Royal Mail and TNT for small items, and we use a courier DPD for larger or higher value products.


My order has arrived damaged or with a quality problem?

Please notify us immediately, you can call the customer service team on 0330 123 0203, however, we will require you to send us an image of the damage so we can investigate it for you and reply as quickly as possible.  Please send the image of showing the damage by email to


If an order is reprinted what assurances do I have the same issue will not reoccur?

If for some reason your order is affected with a quality problem, each reprint is processed as a priority over existing orders and personally checked by the Quality Control Manager before despatch.   


Why is the full image not displayed on the canvas?

The image is printed on the canvas and then wrapped around the edge of the canvas so you can lose 3cm from around the edge of the canvas image.


Why there is a difference between what I see on screen and what has been printed?

It is useful to remember that displaying an image on a screen which uses a illumination function will cause an image to appear brighter than it may do once printed.


General customer advice:


Please always check the aspect ratio of an order;

If your image size/ratio does not match the product size/ratio then the image may be cropped to fit it in.  For example you could not fit a square image into a rectangle print without losing some of the image. 


It is important that the resolution of the image selected is high enough to print at the requested size; there is a warning on the site which checks the image resolution.  You will be alerted if the resolution is lower than we would advise and we ask if you wish to continue.  If you choose to continue then you have accepted the resolution warning.

NOTE: Please fully check your order – once you submit we cannot subsequently cancel your order.


For other help and advice please call our team on phone number 0330 123 0203 or by email